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Last week we looked at the top 10 serif fonts to make your designs look great, this week we’re going to do the same, only this time with sans serif fonts. Sans Serif fonts are normally used for paragraph text because they are easy to read on a screen, but can also be used for headings.

I’m sure you know the difference between serif and sans serif but if you don’t then serif fonts have extra bits attached to each letter sometimes referred to as feet, Wikipedia explains it as “semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes”.

These are my personal favourite sans serif fonts available on Google Web Fonts, however it is worth mentioning that my actual favourite sans serif fonts (and many designer’s favourites too) are Helvetica and Arial.

The Fonts

The previews below are made up of a heading which is 24 pixels with a 34 pixel line height, then the top paragraph is 14 pixels with a 22 pixel line height and then the second paragraph is 12 pixels with s 20 pixel line height.

  1. Droid Sans

  2. Open Sans

  3. PT Sans

  4. PT Sans Caption

  5. Lato

  6. Arimo

  7. Varela Round

  8. Actor

  9. Rosario

  10. News Cycle


Some of these fonts don’t look too great as paragraph text as you can probably see from the previews but I added them because they make great heading fonts, so obviously use your common sense when choosing paragraph fonts. The most important thing with paragraph text is that it is easy to read.