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In a world with Google Web Fonts, it’s never been easier to add great looking fonts to your designs without having to pay a penny.

In this roundup I’ll bring you what I regard to be the nicest serif fonts available through Google Web Fonts. These recommendations are not meant for paragraph text as serif fonts are normally used for headings, it’s better to stick to a sans serif font for actual paragraph text as it’s easier to read on a screen.

All the previews below are set at a font size of 24 pixels and a line height of 34 pixels, they are screenshot in Chrome on the Mac.

When I was writing this roundup I found that I couldn’t link directly to the fonts on Google Web Fonts so the previews below will link to their specimen page, if you want to use the fonts then you need to go to the main Google Web Fonts site and then use the search field to find the font.

  1. Droid Serif

  2. Bitter

  3. Neuton

  4. Vollkorn

  5. Kreon

  6. PT Serif

  7. Quattrocento

  8. Kameron

  9. Brawler

  10. Gentium Basic

The great thing about Google Web Fonts is that there are 404 fonts in their directory at the time of writing this roundup, that’s a lot of fonts to choose from if non of my recommendations take your fancy. You can also download the fonts from Google Web Fonts so that you can add them in Photoshop to see how they look on your design before committing to any one font.