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In the spirit of it being Superbowl weekend, in this roundup I’m going to look at the best American Football website designs for your inspiration and the top ten NFL team designs.

Sports based websites tend to have information overload so a lot of these websites tend to look cluttered and not very user friendly, a big challenge then is to find the best way to display all this information whilst keeping a good user experience. The sites featured in this roundup seem to be able to balance information and user experience quite well.

Top 10 NFL Team Sites

So there are 32 official teams in the NFL, all of which have their own website. I’ve looked at all 32 and picked out the top 10 nicest designs for your inspiration. Sports team sites need to carry a lot of information (news, photos, articles, stats etc) so it’s always a hard job to fit everything in nicely without it looking cluttered, these examples below seem to be able to manage it quite well.

  1. New England Patriots

  2. Baltimore Ravens

  3. Houston Texans

  4. Indianapolis Colts

  5. Dallas Cowboys

  6. New York Giants

  7. Green Bay Packers

  8. Atlanta Falcons

  9. St. Louis Rams

  10. San Francisco 49ers