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Email Newsletter Design has become very important over the past few years as companies and websites realise the importance of sending out a well designed newsletter to their customers and visitors.

With the popularity of great newsletter management services like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, newsletters have gone from been very ugly emails that companies pushed out every month to beautifully designed emails full of important updates and information. It is not uncommon nowadays for a company to get their web designer to design an email newsletter to match their website design.


Email Newsletter Galleries

Galleries are a nice way to keep up to date and be inspired by the best email newsletter
designs without having to subscribe to them and have a cluttered up inbox.


Email Newsletter Websites/Resources

If you want more than just examples of nice designs then you may want to check out some websites that look at Email
Newsletter design in more detail, here are some examples of such sites:

Smashing Magazine has some fantastic in-depth articles on Email Newsletter Design, notably Design and Build Email Newsletters Without Losing Your Mind (and Soul) and  Email Newsletter Design: Guidelines And Examples.

Campaign Monitor offers some great articles on Email Design and Techniques, check out the Designing and Building Emails category.

Elliot Ross looks at inspirational email newsletters and writes about best practices and techniques.



So there you have a nice roundup of great sites to visit to get your inspiration juices flowing when you’re designing email newsletters. Email Newsletters require a good designer to make use of the limited space (600 pixels width in most cases) and make the newsletter engaging and easy to read, after all the majority of people don’t like reading emails.