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Showcase: Hotel Web Designs

If you are a luxury hotel and have a badly designed website then it reflects badly on your business, you need to make that first impression a good one. In this showcase we’re going to feature some of the nicest hotel web designs and look at the best practices for designing such websites.


In Focus: RED Interactive Agency

An In focus look at RED Interactive Agency, a continuous scrolling website with great filtering options for content such as portfolio items, photos and tweets.


American Football Website Design Inspiration

In the spirit of it being Superbowl weekend, in this roundup I’m going to look at the best American Football website designs for your inspiration and the top ten NFL team designs.


Places to get Email Newsletter Design Inspiration

Email Newsletter Design has become very important over the past few years as companies and websites realise the importance of sending out a well designed newsletter to their customers and visitors.   Email Newsletter Websites/Resources If you want more than just examples of nice designs then you may want to check out some websites that


10 Free Sans Serif Fonts to Make Your Designs Look Great

Last week we looked at the top 10 serif fonts to make your designs look great, this week we’re going to do the same, only this time with sans serif fonts. Sans Serif fonts are normally used for paragraph text because they are easy to read on a screen, but can also be used for headings.


15 Inspiring Conference and Events Web Designs

There are plenty of events and conferences around the world every year. A lot of them are business related so their websites tend not to be designed too well, however there are a fair share that are design related that do have nice designs.


10 Free Serif Fonts to Make Your Designs Look Great

In this roundup I’ll bring you what I regard to be the nicest serif fonts available through Google Web Fonts. These recommendations are not meant for paragraph text as serif fonts are normally used for headings, it’s better to stick to a sans serif font for actual paragraph text as it’s easier to read on a screen.


Choosing the Right Menu for Your Site

Choosing the right menu for your design is very important, get it wrong and you could find that visitors end up leaving your site early, after all the menu is the main way that your visitors will navigate through the site and if they cant find what they came to your site for within a few seconds then that could be a lost visitor.